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Sustainability policy and progress

Emirates Literature Foundation strives to minimise its environmental impact through sustainable supply chain management.

Our Green Procurement Strategy gives preference to environmentally-preferable products, with an ultimate aim to actively stimulate market demand for eco-friendly products and services.

We have a staged implementation programme of environmentally-friendly practices across the organisation including, energy-efficient lighting, upgrading to energy-efficient office equipment, as well as extensive recycling initiatives for paper, plastic, metal, and glass.

The 2019 Festival made significant progress on the path to becoming a single-use-plastic-free event.
A water fountain was installed on site offering free refills of water and all visitors were encouraged to bring reusable water bottles, while our venue partner ensured there were no disposable bottles available on site.

Through these efforts, the nine-day Festival made a CO2 saving of more than 168,000 kg. More than 5,400 litres of water from the water fountain equals a saving of almost 11,000 water bottles, and a PET saving of more than 145,000 kg.

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