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The Emirates Literature Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and nurturing a love of literature in the UAE and across the region. Since its inception, the Foundation has initiated numerous year-round cultural activities including the award-winning Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, attended by tens of thousands of visitors every year.

We rely on the support and dedication of our sponsors, benefactors and volunteers, who have been instrumental in making the Foundation and its many initiatives a success.

If you would like to join our community and support our activities, here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Become a Volunteer

Every year, over 300 volunteers from around the UAE join the Foundation family, make new friends and discover new literary favourites.

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Become a Partner

By becoming a partner, you contribute towards building on the Foundation’s initiatives, in line with the National Reading Policy.

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Become a Foundation Friend

Foundation Friends are our core supporters. By becoming a Friend, you can enjoy year-round benefits while giving back to the community.

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    What Our Visitors Are Saying

    “Meeting so many different people from different experiences and backgrounds, and the team working together for a common purpose [was the best thing about volunteering].”

    Moira Speed, Volunteer

    “I love being a Foundation Friend. We got to book tickets for my son well before they sold out and he really had fun, because he got to sit in the front row. The discounts on tickets and coffee are also great!”

    Hani Sharaf, Foundation Friend

    “We were delighted to partner with you all on the events and would like to commend the passion, dedication and professionalism that all of your wonderful team brought to the proceedings.”

    Catherine Abbott, Sponsor

    Thank you Sponsors

    Emirates Literature Foundation
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