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Digital Creative Writing Course With Jo Browning Wroe

Sharpen your pencils and hone your writing skills with this six-week creative writing course led by Jo Browning Wroe, Creative Writing Supervisor at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.

The course consists of six structured sessions of two hours each week, and is limited to maximum 15 participants. Each participant will receive detailed personal feedback halfway through and at the end of the course.

Expect the first hour of each session to be dedicated to fun exercises related to developing particular writing skills, while the second hour is for writing longer pieces.

Typically the first hour of each session will feature a warm-up to get writing juices flowing, followed by a focus on a particular writing skill, paired with an exercise to practise that specific skill.

Writing skills to be covered in first half of the session over the six weeks:
• Writers aren’t painting pictures with words, they’re creating moments in which their readers can be.
• How verbs and nouns are stronger tools in the kitbox that adjectives and adverbs.
• Why it’s better to show than tell your reader what’s happening.
• How to write convincing dialogue.
• How to develop characters.
• To plot or not to plot?

20:30 – 21:30
The second hour of each session is your time to write a longer piece. The suggested topics for these pieces will encourage reflection on the times we’re in, as well as encourage the development of the writing skills considered in the first half on the evening. These writing prompts below have been incredibly fruitful with groups Jo has been working with throughout the lockdown, but participants are free to take off in any direction as long as they write.

Our physical homes have been more important to many of us than ever before.
• Write a letter either to the house you locked down in, or from the house to you in lockdown.
• Remember a home you lived in as a child, describe it using as much sensory detail as possible.
The preparation and enjoyment of food has also become more of a focus than normal.
• Describe your dream meal with as much detail as possible, being open to memories and associations this brings to mind.
For many, an appreciation of nature has sharpened.
• Given the choice, would you live by the sea or in the mountains?
• If you had to choose, which touch/move/inspire you most, tree or flowers?
General reflection.
• How has the pandemic changed you?
• Write a letter to your younger self from where you are now.
• Write about a teacher at some point who you felt ‘saw’ you.

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