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Jo Wroe at Dubai International Writers’ Centre

Graduate of UEA’s Masters Programme in Creative Writing, Jo Wroe has conducted writing workshops around the world for over 8 years. She brought her expert knowledge to Dubai with four intensive writing workshops.


From unlocking one’s imagination to discovering the art of economising words, from life-writing to learning the intricacies of writing plot, the sessions touched on the important pillars of writing well.

With improvised tools, she helped participants unlock their imagination and devise intricate plots in the ‘Imagination Workout’ and the ‘Voice and Plot Writing’ workshops. The ‘Life-Writing’ workshop was packed with attendees looking to find the best way to deliver their memoirs and life-histories. Her most intensive workshop was ‘Packing a Punch with Words’, which required participants not only to write stories, but to use the best, most impactful words to do so.

In between these workshops, Jo advised budding writers on their work in one-to-one sessions, with helpful critiques on their narratives.

Jo’s signature style is interactive and engaging and she calls on participants to draw on favourite books and real-life experiences to write their stories. Be it to spark ones imagination or to create a neat plot, the stories we know best are the ones we’ve lived.

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