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Tolerance Books

The Emirates Literature Foundation and the Ministry of Tolerance celebrated the culmination of a joint project leading to young Emirati authors and illustrators producing a series of fifteen beautiful children’s books on the theme of tolerance in both Arabic and English at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in 2020.

The books were launched at the Festival.

With the invaluable support of the Ministry of Tolerance, the project began with a series of writing and illustration workshops organised by the Emirates Literature Foundation. The books produced celebrate both the craft and the message of tolerance.

The writers and their illustrator counterparts took the theme of tolerance and interpreted it in a myriad of ways; from drawing on folklore in the form of djinn to the rise of the modern country that is the UAE; and to the effects of materialism on friendships. Each book explores the forces that challenge tolerance and provides subtle solutions to overcoming these challenges.

The Tolerance Children’s Picture Book project continues the work of the Emirates Literature Foundation in developing and nurturing Emirati writers, poets and illustrators. The books will be distributed to libraries, schools and cultural centres across the UAE and internationally as part of a new Foundation initiative.

Emirates Literature Foundation
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