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Shurooq Kamal

Programme and Production Executive

What is your favourite literary genre and why?
In every piece of literature I read, I seek out the hollow feeling surrealism leaves me with.

What book should everybody read?
I feel as though short stories don’t get as much love as they should within the literary community, even though they’re a difficult art form to master. So as a short story addict, I recommend delving into a dystopian future with its very own intergalactic circus featuring specially gifted performers out of an X-Men movie in its glory days, a city of Light where only beauty is allowed to exist in the spaces atoms occupied, and an A.I. seeking out revenge for its imprisonment in the form of eternal damnation over the human race. I am of course referring to Harlan Ellison’s short story collection named after arguably his most famous short story, I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream.

Which book do you still think about more than a year after reading it?
I love books that send me into a lucid state so sensual it’s almost alluring to spend the rest of my life wandering in the interval between dream and reality, and Banana Yoshimoto’s Asleep does exactly that. Yoshimoto’s main characters are all young women trying to navigate their relationship with sleep in the folds of blue that intermingle all three stories in the book.

What is your favourite, Tea or Coffee?
I’ll take a seat in the back as I watch tea and coffee lovers fight it out in a death battle with swords made of tea leaves and shields of coffee beans as we soak in the aroma-filled colosseum of ‘Arguments That Don’t Really Matter.’

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